SUT+ Schedule

Think of SUT+ like a sandwich.

More training and information on Monday and Wednesday are the lovely bread.  The deeply satisfying plant based filling is the Simulation Exercise ‘Ballybreag 2.0’ on  Tuesday.

QSU Location:

Queen’s Students Union,
1 Elmwood Ave,
Belfast BT9 6AZ

Queen’s Elms BT9 Accommodation Location:

Queen’s Elms BT9 
78 Malone Road,
Belfast BT9 5BW

Monday 14 August 2023


Arrival and Registration QSU


Plenary: Welcome & Introductions – QSU Blue Sky Room

All to attend.


Alliance for Choice – QSU Blue Sky Room

Student Finance – SUSI – QSU Cube

The session will cover SUSI’s eligibility criteria, the changes to the Student Grant Scheme for the 2023/24 academic year, the application process, details of how the officers can contact the dedicated help desk and the process for applicants to update their consent settings to allow us to discuss their applications with a Third Party.

Presidents’ Working Group – QSU Light Room



Equality & Citizenship Working Group QSU Blue Sky Room

Campaigns Working Group – QSU Cube


Education Working Group – QSU Light Room



Conflict Management – QSU Blue Sky Room

Ben Archbald presents a session on developing skills for handling conflict in the workplace as a student officer

Events Planning – QSU Cube

Chris Clifford presents the partially postponed events planning session from SUT – this time with much (much) less risk management.

Welfare Working Group – QSU Light Room



Regional Check-Ins


SUT+ Barbie-Q

This Barbie has food on it. This BYOB chilled night at the Queen’s Elms social space will present an opportunity to just relax. You’re going to need an early night. The Simulation Exercise comes at you fast.

The Treehouse, Queen’s Elms Halls of Residence

Tuesday 15 August 2023



A breakfast bap before the off. We will start sharp at 10.30am


Ballybreag 2.0 – QSU Mandela Hall

You’re an elected officer at Ballybreag Technological University Students’ Union. Things aren’t quite right since the merger, and it’s time to take big decisions on the rumoured new student centre. Some of the local landlords aren’t happy with the way things are, the new College President is on the prowl for cuts, the head of Student Services is a force and the crossover file you’ve been given is a joke.

And now a journalist wants a word.

Put some of what you learned through your life and at SUT into practice in our fun (hopefully) and hectic (certainly) Simulation Exercise.

Some parts of this event are intense and will be noisy.  Mature and realistically unpleasant themes, alongside some frankly silly scenarios.


TU Working Group – QSU Light Room

Grúpa Oibre Gaeilge – QSU Drawing Room



Dinner – QSU

What we need after Ballybreag 2.0 is carbs. Lots of carbs.


Wednesday 16 August 2023


Breakfast – Junction Cafe, Main Campus

The Junction Cafe on the main QUB campus is the location for Breakfast today.


Ballybreag 2.0 Feedback – QSU Mandela Hall

Join your Ballybreag Crew to see how the semester went.


Boundaries 2 – QSU Blue Sky Room

Glen Guilfoyle’s session was so highly rated, we’ve asked him back for more. Useful even if you didn’t attend his first session.



Eating food was so highly rated, we’ve asked them to make some more.


Pre-budget submission – QSU Blue Sky Room

A consultation and information session on the forthcoming prebudget submission.

NUS-USI Regional Meetup – Location TBC


The Environment, Climate Change & Your SU – QSU Blue Sky Room

As student leaders SUs are key to fighting climate change. This session talks about bigger things than plastic straws; outlining where Unions can be most effective, sharing campaign/policy ideas and resources 

NUS-USI Housing Rights – QSU Cube

Session will provide information on ‘Housing Rights’ and the services available.
This housing taster session aims to empower and educate staff on how to best support their clients and themselves using Housing Rights’ services.